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Accidental Detective: Book 1

Fun and Sexy Women’s Sleuth Series!

This smoldering romantic mystery novella from Kate Benitez takes you into the world of Boston’s elite. But crime abounds in these high society circles, and even the wealthy and well-connected aren’t above suspicion and have their reputations and integrity questioned.

Can Anneliese and Leo solve the bizarre case while keeping their work relationship professional?

Find out in the first installment of this hot female private investigator series!

Accidental Detective: Book 1

Anneliese Nottingham is a young Boston bridal wear consultant working hard to stay at the top of her game… until a friendly word to a VIP client lands her in hot water and out of the only career she’s known. Accused of ruining the society wedding of the year, every bridal store door is slammed in her face and after several months of unemployment, she’s desperate to find work or she’ll be out on the street—literally.

Leo McKenzie is a hot private investigator, running an exclusive detective agency for the rich and famous. His services are in high demand, and they don’t come cheap. Ex-Special Forces, muscle-bound and incredibly wealthy, he’s the pillar of tact and discretion. When a case connected to the ‘wedding that never was’ crosses his desk, he takes a chance and head-hunts Anneliese to get the inside scoop. He’s a sworn bachelor, but working so closely together, the undeniable chemistry between them slowly grows.

When Leo rejects a rich clients’ plea for help that’s beyond the bizarre, Anneliese is intrigued and wants to show initiative to her new boss—albeit on her own time and without his knowledge. She knows she’s risking the only job she’s had in months, and to be fired so soon would bring her world crashing down. But she’s a strong woman and keen to follow in the footsteps of the female private investigators she’s always admired on TV — her desire for success in her new career is too much for her to give up.

Can Anneliese and Leo catch their criminals and solve the case while keeping it strictly professional? Or will they throw caution to the wind and succumb to their secret desires?

Find out in the flirty and humorous first installment of this amateur women sleuths romantic mystery!

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About Kate

Hello, and I’m glad you made it this far down the page!

A little bit about me… I grew up in England, just north of London, and worked a lot of my early life in the corporate world of banking and local government. I love the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and I always knew I’d rather be writing for a living than commuting to London every day. I never dreamed it would happen, but after spending some time in Florida, I returned to the UK and now I just love writing light-hearted, steamy romantic stories with a dose of humor.

You can usually find me at my home overlooking the beautiful countryside, drinking tea (and the occasional glass of wine!) while my hubby and I dream up the next story.

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